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Collaboration with the OG DAS aka David Samual founder of the Rarekind Agency

Updated: Jun 20

Das has been a person that's always shown us love and support, so it is an honour to announce this T-shirt collaboration we have created together. It's been a long time in the making but like all good things, they come to those who wait. The release of the shirt coincides with the opening of Davids solo show on the 15th of June at Excelsior Studios in North Acton. The private view is on Thursday the 13th of June 2024.

The design approach David took was to hand paint the design onto a board and then create a digital file that we burnt onto screens so it could be printed onto T-shirts. Check out the video below which has a time lapse of the painting process, as well as some clips of the printing process. A special type of ink was used that bleaches the dye in the fabric and replaces it with a coloured ink. This gives the print a really nice soft feeling. The ink used is called plasta-charge.

Only 50 T-shirts were printed for this collaboration. Head on over to the store to get one before they sell out!!

In 2017 we sat down with Das and recorded a podcast in-which we talked about how the brand started and what inspired and influenced us to start printing T-shirts and go on to running a full time business. Click the link to listen to full audio on the F24 Soundcloud page.

David's solo show "They didn't teach us this bit" runs from 15/6/2024 until 18/7/2024.

The address is - Excelsior Studios, North Acton, NW10 6JP

To find out more about David and what he does at the Rarekind Agency, follow the links below:

Advert for David Samuel Solo Show

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