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  • Tom Andrews

New Screen Printing Studio Set-up

Updated: May 22

Below is a collection of photos showing the screen printing production space in the new workshop. The two printing carousels we use to screen print garments and tote bags are the M&M Rototex 2, which is a manual screen printing press, and the Weiss Ergo Press, which is a semi automated garment printing press.

The Rototex printing carousel allows us to screen print designs that have up to 8 colours and is used to print complex designs.

The Ergo printing carousel has two automated print heads, which allows us to print 1 and 2 colour designs at a much fast pace compared with the Rototex machine. This allows us to turnaround high volume print runs at a much fast rate.

We have also laid out the production space to have clearly defined sections for carrying out the various tasks that are required to complete printing jobs, this allows us to work efficiently no matter how many T-shirt, hoodies or tote bags we need to print.

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