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What happened to the TfL x Done London collaboration?

Updated: May 29

If you've been wondering about the sudden disappearance of TfL products from our online shop, you're not alone. This article aims to clear up any confusion and provide insight into future TfL releases as well as how we're moving forward with our other merch drops.

Earlier this year, we faced a crucial decision regarding our licensing contract with IMG, the company managing all licensing agreements for TfL. Renewing the contract would have required significant financial investment and time to develop new collections for 2024. Instead, we chose to channel our resources into enhancing our workshop, a move we believe has paid off. Our upgraded workshop has significantly improved our efficiency and overall operations.

While this decision has left our online shop looking sparse, we've embraced the philosophy that sometimes you need to "break a few eggs to make an omelette" and we're proactively replenishing the shop with monthly drops showcasing new creations and exciting collaborations with various artists and brands. This month, look out for a new design from Rarekind's David Samuel, aka DAZ.

We acknowledge that ramping up product creation and expanding our printing business will take time, but we're pleased with our progress so far and will continue on this path of growth.

Regarding future TfL products, we are eager to continue our collaboration with TfL. We have numerous ideas in the pipeline, and once we finalise a robust collection, we'll set the wheels in motion and get the TfL range back on track. While we can't specify an exact release date, we promise it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery of photos from our previous TfL photoshoots.

Thank you for your patience and support!

One final note: If you are an artist, designer or run a brand and would like to work on a collaborative project together, get in touch and tell us a bit about what you do and send some images of your work. If we can see potential, we'll make something happen.

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May 30

Keep moving forward!

Do you do one offs? And can you print onto a wicking gym t-shirt?


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