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There are many strings to our bow here at Done London. This allows us to be versatile and accommodate a variety of needs. This page helps sum up and explain how we work and what problems we can help you find solutions to. If there is anything that doesn’t make sense, or you would like a more in-depth conversation about quality screen printing or something else relating to our services, please get in touch.

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screen printing alignment graphic
screen printing alignment graphic

Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. It is an extremely economical printing process when printing medium to large volumes of garments. There are limitations and things that need to be considered before a job can go to print. The following information will help explain how it works.

Setting Up Artwork:

To get designs screen ready, we use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to render artwork, create colour separations and add registration marks. It is important to set up artwork correctly before sending them over to us. A well-prepared file means we can work more efficiently. If artwork is not sent to us in the desired format, an extra artworking fee may be charged.

screen printing alignment graphic
image of a flamingo character T-shirt design in Adobe Illustrator

Click here for detailed information on our artwork guidelines.

image of a flamingo character mocked up on T-shirt in Adobe Illustrator

Print Size & Location:

Working out the final size and print location is crucial to getting the desired result you are after, and it's really helpful for us too. The devil really is in the detail and the more information you give us, the more likely it is you'll get the results you're after. Click here to read our step by step guide on how to work out the scale and placement of your screen print.

screen printing alignment graphic

Get in touch, if you get stuck and need some assistance.

Inks & Additives:
We hold a variety of ready mixed stock colours. But if you need a specific shade, we use an ink mixing system that produces colours and shades from the Pantone Solid Coated colour book.



Glow in the dark

Puff additive

Suede additive

Soft hand additive

screen printed reflective ink
close up of screen printed puff ink
screen printed glow in the dark ink
screen printed metallic gold ink
close up of a screen printed halftone print
close up of a screen printed T-shirt

Garment Sourcing:
There are literally thousands of blank garments to choose from. Choosing one to suit your taste and budget can be challenging. Fortunately, we have a selection of go-to brands that we have tried and tested for quality, printability and cost. See below for our recommendations. Samples can be sent out to you on request.

We also allow you to supply your own blank garments. However, 1x extra of each size must be supplied on top of the final quantity. This is to allow for testing and any potential misprints that may occur during the printing process.

man screen printing T-shirt

We also have the following range of speciality inks and additives:

russell athletic logo
as colour logo
continental clothing logo
allstyle apparel & activewear logo
All We Do is logo
Gildan logo
stanley stella logo
Beechfield logo
Westford Mill logo
screen printed glow in the dark ink
screen printed metallic gold ink
screen printed reflective ink
close up of a  screen printed halftone print
close up of a screen printed T-shirt
close up of screen printed puff ink

Glow in the dark



Puff additive

Suede additive

Soft hand additive


We recognise the importance of putting the finishing touches to a product in order for it to be retail ready. That’s why we offer bespoke re-label, swing tag and fold & bag services. There are a range of options available to suit your needs:


Custom neck label prints are a good way to give your garments a professional look, whilst keeping within budget. They also have a softer feel on the neck. This process is done in-house, so no production lead times.

screen printed neck label in a grey T-shirt

Woven labels give that classic look to a garment. If you require labels to be sourced, we can assist by using one of our suppliers. There are usually 2 - 3 week lead times to produce them and minimum order quantities apply. You’re also welcome to provide your own.

collection of woven labels for sewing into T-shirts

Swing Tags:
If you’re intending to sell your products online or in store, professional tagging will be the final piece of the puzzle. You can provide your own and we’ll attach them to your garments, or we can source them for you.

Folding & Bagging:
A professional folding and bagging service will ensure your product stays clean, dry and eliminates odour contamination. We’ll also attach sizing stickers to help you identify the garments. Biodegradable bags are used.

small pile of neatly folded T-shirts placed inside clear plastic bags
close up of woven neck labels and swing tags on T-shirts
screen printing alignment graphic

Our print to order service allows you to sell designs without outlaying any production costs, dealing with fulfilment and customer services. It’s a hassle-free, zero waste merch selling service. Get in touch for more information.

white T-shirt with a 5 colour screen print on the back
white T-shirt with a 5 colour screen print on the front pocket
screen printing screen setup table
pile of neatly folded white T-shirts with black print on
screen printing alignment graphic
screen printing alignment graphic

Arranging professional looking product shots to go on your website or catalogue can be really tricky to get right. We can lighten your workload and take care of this process for you. Get in touch for more information.


There are other decoration processes and merch add-ons that we can assist you with. Please get in touch, if you would like more information.


DTG, or direct to garment, is a form of digital printing. It’s great for doing full colour designs in small - medium runs. There are no set up charges when using DTG. 

Embroidery uses threads to apply designs to clothing or headwear. It is good for small - large runs and gives products a premium, hard wearing finish. 

Stickers are a great way to get your brand noticed, and always go down well when added to online orders. Choose from digitally printed and screen printed stickers.

mickey mouse from disney film fantasia with an acid smiley face and eye patch
embroidered logo with the words "Done Know" on burgundy T-shirt
collection of stickers
screen printing frame
white T-shirt on a tunnel dryer conveyor belt

If you require video or photographic content of your products being produced, please let us know in advance of production. This is to ensure video footage and photographs are taken during the production process. Get in touch for more information.



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